Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Opportunities for Fashion Design Graduates

Cornwall Hospice Care
Rags To Riches
The new window display in Falmouth's Cornwall Hospice Care shop has a needlework theme. There is a hand loom, sewing machine or two (pictured) and other related items such as sewing patterns.

I've searched the Internet for designers who work with recycled clothing and have not found much. However, recently I met Liz who owns a shop called Bermondsey Fayre in London, where they sell clothes designed by Raggedy, a clothes designer based in Wales. Hey presto, I had found a designer who uses recycled clothes.

The recycled and reconstituted clothing designed by Raggedy look pretty cool. Click here to visit the Raggedy website

If you redesign clothing from charity shops, why not post them up on this blog and give yourself a plug.