A new word has been created to describe a particular type of 'make do and mend'. In fitting with the time periods being recreated, the Museum of London held a workshop called Continue Creating at which people could make 1940s style hats. Material was sourced from charity shops.

To see pictures and read whole story:

They say Make Do and Mend

Anyone handy with a sewing machine? Sometimes you can find them in charity shops (there's one in Falmouth in the Cornwall Hospice Care shop, I think. I'll check and update).

I'll use this page to search out people who redesign clothes they've found in charity shops and put up pictures of their creations (with permission of course).

Charity shops can even sell sewing patterns and sewing machines. There doesn't have to be a war on to have fun with thrift.

If you have created or are selling unique clothing that originates in charity shops, please send pics in and a link to your website.