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Wedding Attire - (updated with new news)
Another new wedding dress has appeared in Posh Pants in Falmouth with a possible option for a bridesmaid dress in peach. This is from the same shop as the previous one featured further down this page which sold quite quickly last year for £100 (new, size 12).

There is also another wedding dress in the Cornwall Animal Hospital shop, also with a peach option for a bridesmaid's dress

Peach coloured dress
Wedding and bridesmaid's

National Animal Welfare Trust
Even though these wedding clothes are in Falmouth charity shops, the principle works across all charity shops. If you are looking for a recession proof wedding, don't forget to check your local charity shops.

Why it's  worth a look: 
Dresses particularly have probably only been worn once. Sometimes they have not been worn at all.
You might probably wear it once
They are an expensive items which you can find at a fraction of the cost.
They are not made to an ideal body size as they will very likely have been worn by a regular person.

Front of dress
On enquiry for this blog, the National Animal Welfare Trust charity shop in Falmouth revealed they had a wedding dress. It is size 12 and costs £30.

Wedding dresses which have now been sold. 

Posh Pants in Falmouth has an unworn wedding dress which still has the shop labels attached. It is a size 14 and has a lace up back and train. It retailed at £500 and was sold for £100. There are often a variety of white and cream pairs of shoes in Post Pants too, shown further down the page.

In the National Animal Welfare Trust, a pair of wedding shoes were included in the £1 or less sale (finished on 8 January). They are size 7, if they're still there.

On sale on Friday 6 Jan. 
Wedding Recession Chic.
Have you considered that most wedding dresses are only worn once and they cost a pretty penny, I can tell you. Well, I can't because I've never bought one. I had to wear my Mum's (beautiful wild silk) to a ball once. She had worn it to the same event except 30 years before me, so she wore her's twice!

If I did need a wedding dress (grew too fat for Mum's eight years ago - it is a size ten) I would go to a charity shop.

Wedding Dress and Black Tie
I once did a charity shop fashion show (Page on this as soon as retrieved the press cuttings) and there were enough ball dresses, tailcoats and a wedding dress to clothe the father, best man, a bridesmaid and the bride herself. We modelled these clothes from the North London Hospice shop in front of a suspecting (ie mostly absent) Crouch End audience. This was 2002.

Most importantly, you might be getting a very expensive dress, only warn once, in your size for a fraction of its retail value. Hopefully the bride didn't slurp red wine down her front.

The foot of this blog
Why not give your wedding dress? The great things about clothes in charity shops is that they have been worn by real people. In clothes shops, the the less popular sizes remain longest and, as more things are made in far away countries by people too poor to buy the clothes themselves, they are becoming less tailored to the shape of the nations buying them on their high streets.