Friday, 3 February 2012

Retro 70s Costumes

Your Dream Theme
One thing charity shops are good for is themes. If enough items come in at one time that follow one theme, they can make a display about it, which must be useful if you are looking for that particular theme.

The Cornwall Hospice Care shop in Penryn, South Cornwall, has a 60s or 70s theme going on right now. There is a Jaeger shirt (size 12) and a dress in the window, plus decorative object in that Paisley orange and brown swirly pattern that saw us out of the end of the 60s.

This shop would be useful for any production set in the late 60s or 70s (or maybe for a stage adaptation of a Pedro Almodova film, maybe).

Here are some pictures to get your creative juices flowing:

Jaeger Shirt in retro psychedelic

Retro hat

Lace can always come in handy

Props and stuff

Settings of a 70s nature

Row of retro

A party dress of 60s/70s style

Retro row of tops and coats

A doctor's case

Men's jackets

Hats and scarves. "Accessorize" as
Trinny and Suzanna or Gok Wan might say

Monday, 30 January 2012

Costumes - a Purpose and Direction for this Blog

Holistic Review
After a holistic look at this blog, and analysing it, I've realised that charity shops provide an unlimited supply of subject matter and this blog is getting too broad in its content.

Therefore, I have decided to make it fun and provide excuses to bring other people in, while finding a way to cater for an audience of some sort.

The audience I am going to focus on is one that seeks out costumes and props. This may be for a school play, an agency needing film extras, someone with a part in a play, a comedian, fancy dress or a theatre company who need some useful staples for their production wardrobe.

World War Z - Johnny Depp. 
In 2011, a film with a huge cast of local extras was filmed in Falmouth. I aim to find anyone who took part in this film and find out if they bought any of their costume from a charity shop.

The Costume Challenge
If anyone can find an entire costume for a fictional person (say, Miss Haversham) or a character type (say, a pirate) in one charity shop, then please photograph yourself and post it up on this blog.

More follows.