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Charity Shop Snob
I called myself The Charity Shop Snob as it is only when I go to charity shops (which are my main source of non-food items) that I take an interest in designer labels and I prefer quality fabrics to synthetic ones. However I will try things on and never buy something that doesn't fit.

Charity shops have cropped up a few times in my life. This is not particularly surprising.

Designer Rail 
While studying for my art degree in 1990, I designed a poster campaign for Oxfam, for their designer rail. This comprised of photocopied pictures of designers' faces placed over photocopied hangers, which were reduced in size by 50% to get the proportion right. I may have even photocopied a photograph of a rail.  

Live Window Display
In the mid-1990s, during my most Dickensian-style struggle for work, I accepted a request to paint a picture in the window of a charity shop in Wood Green, North London. This was for a 'living window display' promotion. I painted a picture of the houses opposite and it was lovely when children came up to watch. 

Hat and jacket from
charity shops
I am adventurous in my charity shop buying. The one type of item I would never buy new, but buy second hand and actually enjoy wearing, is hats. A favourite hat, which I lost in a market in Sheffield, was a brand new purple one with a trimmed rim. The label said £10, so I went to pay by card and they said, 'sorry, not for under £5.' The hat cost £3.

On 15 December 2002, I organised a charity shop fashion show with an art group I was a member of. The contributor to this blog with the handle 'Wardrobe Warrior' provided very able and funny commentary and a photographer turned up from the Ham and High. Charity Shop Fashion Show, please visit the blog which shows press cuttings from the event.

The Thrift Habit
I've been a journalist for a few years - and have to work slowly and diligently as I found out I was dyslexic in 2006, after gaining a postgraduate certificate in journalism. I do stand-up comedy, write comedy sketches and do some playwriting. Now I'm turning my attentions towards writing scripts and non-fiction.
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