Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Law of Charity Shop Attraction

The Queen of Wishful Thinking
Something that works time and again for me is the successful use of wishful thinking, when I look around charity shops. There is something to be said for visualisation. Try it. 

In January 2011, I found a luxurious, full length cashmere and wool coat from Harrods - brand new - (North London Hospice, Crouch End), a herring bone Austen Reed trouser suit (Fulham Road, was it Barnados?) and countless other items that have:
a). saved me a fortune,
b). fulfilled the description of what I wanted to find and
c). fit!

Cherry Red Coat - Cornwall Hospice Care, Penryn, Cornwall

Here's an example: On Wednesday morning (23 Nov, 2011) I posted up that I wanted a maroon red top, coat or jacket. I didn't get the colour description correct but I got the item! It turns out to be Cherry Red, the exact colour I wanted.

It is 100% new wool and cost all of eight quid. It is a generous size 16.

Why not post up your charity shop wants and see if the universe can provide. Then when it does let everyone know you have made magic happen. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Wanted or Just Wishful Thinking

Why not? here's a page to post up anything you are looking for that might be in a charity shop, or a fan of charity shops might be thinking about donating this very object. I really believe this is how the university tumbles.

Charity Shop Cosmic Ordering
This is ideal for:
* Fancy dress costumes
* Theatre and film wardrobes
* Evening attire (I will post up a clipping from a Charity Shop Fashion Show I organised in 2002. The couple entirely dressed in Black Tie from the North London Hospice in Crouch End made the front page of the Hornsey Journal).
* Expensive items such as designer clothing, winter coats and shoes.
* Clothes for kids (if you've got a pet goat, shuddup!).

So go on, post up your wish list of 3 items or less.

Remember, this is not your kid's letter to Santa. That goes up the chimney.

I want to test drive this, but have been too successful finding things I want in Falmouth's charity shops of late....blah blah. OK, I've got it.

I want to find any of these items of clothing in a maroon red: jacket, coat or top.
I found the exact colour in a suit in Cancer Research in Falmouth but it was shapeless, too big and made of polyester. (I am the charity shop snob after all).

Note added on 26/11/11: Please see Law of Charity Shop Attraction for news on the maroon top and picture of find!!

Magical Charity Shop Finds

This is a page where you can post up your favourite charity shop finds.

To start off, I found:
* An Austin Reed suit, size 18, in the Barnados on the Fulham Road, London.
* A Harrods winter coat: 75% wool, 20% cashmere, 5% strengthening agent, brand new, size 16 but huge, in the North London Hospice in Crouch End, North London.
* A purple hat for £3 which was brand new with the £19.99 label still on it. I went to pay £10 for it as it was reduced in a sale, and the lady said I couldn't use my card for £3. What a bargain. Sadly the hat was lost at the Christmas fayre in Sheffield last year. Too many mulled wines. Boo hoo.

Please use the commentary box to add your favourite charity shop finds.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Recession Chic

First Timers
The Charity Shop Herald is a chatty resource for people who enjoy browsing in charity shops for unique items. It is also for people who are seeking an item that might be in a charity shop, when they've never visited one before.

The aim is to build up a busy hub of people connecting through their shared love of all things charity shop. Perhaps you want a super 8 camera in one charity shop (ie Pants in Falmouth for £28) or it might be exactly what someone you know in Kent or Shropshire has been trying to find for years.

Why not go to the Law of Charity Shop Attraction for some magical cosmic ordering? See how, if you put up something that you want to find, how quickly you might find it. Perhaps someone else has seen something you are looking for and could send it to you.