Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Drastic Plastic - The Secret Life of Shopping Bags

Don't Get Drastic about Plastic

Why not give your used plastic bags to charity shops? Many people don't know that plastic bags are the most reused item of all. Yes, even 'single-use' plastic bags. What a pity they call them that. 80% of plastic bags are used more than once, even if they just end up as bin liners. If you accumulate them, why not give them to a charity shop.

My favourite shopping bags are Envirosax because:
  • They are colourful
  • They roll up small. 
  • They are held tight by an umbrella-style popper.
  • You get green points on supermarket loyalty cards when you use your own bags.  (I mean, wow! You can't beat that!)
  • They are strong and last ages. 
  • They are large and fit much more in than most other bags.
  • They have long enough straps to be carried on your shoulder.
Bags for Life so often get left at home when you go out shopping, or they can swallow keys and other junk you cart around in your handbag. Suggestion: Ask for Envirosax when someone asks you what you want as a present. They're good stocking fillers (which is where I got mine). 

A Clear-out is Great for Your Health

Can You Afford to Hoard?
Have you cleared out the boxes of excess items you keep in cupboards or your attic recently? You never know what you might find. Items that no modern person today could fit into, made from beautiful material that could be recycled. Fancy dress clothing that used to bring you delight to show your children?

Now it's 2012, how about a big clear out? You never know what you might find. Maybe, get some drinks in and invite your friends around a have a rumble through.

When you've had your fun with friends and seen how much stuff you had forgotten about, why not take it to the charity shop? If you have a particularly spectacular vintage item with a story, please post it up on this blog with a picture. If you have a memory or story associated with the item, why not post that up too and say where you have donated it?

Many charity shops use bags that you can fill and leave outside for collection.