Saturday, 25 February 2012

That special item found

Connecting Collectors

If you just happen to be a fan of a particular author, or on the lookout for a valuable book at bargain price, the Cornwall Hospice Care in Falmouth is well known for its first editions and signed books.

With the help of local book expert Nigel McLusky (thanks, Blogger, I've checked his surname spelling) who prices up signed and first editions donated to the shop, the Cornwall Hospice Care in Falmouth has featured rare book finds for 18 months. Manager Chris Harmer finally got through red tape to become the official manager of this store after starting in a similar capacity in March 2011.

This is a first edition from 1955
Literary Landscape

Nigel McLusky, book expert, is active on the local literary landscape. He organises a regular Pose and Poetry night at Mawnan Memorial Hall for people who would like to hear some live literature from local talent.

Anyway, why am I writing this? (No, I'm not putting questions into your mouth). (Yes, it's meant as tongue in cheek. No, I don't think you're thick. OK, I'll shut up). Last week I saw a picture of a rare, signed first edition of Laurie Lee's poems that I thought might be of interest to someone I knew. I photographed it and emailed it to him.

It would retail online for £90
Fan of Laurie Lee
Paul Murphy is a fan of the works and life of Laurie Lee and, to mark the centenary of Laurie Lee's walk across Spain, Paul is currently preparing to make the walk and write about it in time for the 100th year anniversary in 2014. Not surprisingly, he was interested in the book and went to investigate.

Double Significance
The book turned out to have a double significance for Paul Murphy: He was born in 1955.

Paul searches for certification
The manager of this shop branch of Cornwall Hospice Care, Chris Harmer, tells us about the expertise of local book man Nigel McLusky who is brought in to value the rare books that are donated, says Chris Harmer, 'from all and sundry.'

Poetry and Prose

It then transpires, through the local paper, The West Briton, that McLusky organises poetry and prose nights at Mawnan Memorial Hall.

Shop manager Chris Harmer
tells Paul about Cornwall Hospice
Care's reputation for rare books
Newspaper Cuttings 

The book contains newspaper cuttings left by its previous owner, all of which can help Murphy, who said he once attended an auction to buy a typewriter once owned by Laurie Lee which sold for £600, get to know the writer in whose footsteps he aims to follow.

If you or someone you know is looking for a rare, vintage or retro item, why not post about it on this blog? If you see something someone else is looking for, also why not post it up? You could do your 'good deed' for the month. This is the ultimate feel good factor.