Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Dress Worth a Mention

Front of dress
Perhaps some men rue the day when trousers were invented. If you know the expression 'before he was in long trousers' or have a predilection for dramas about Ancient Rome, or you're Scottish, you may be used to seeing men in skirts.

However this is very much a lady's dress for a lady, to paraphrase Little Britain.

This charity shop are keen on the idea of a charity shop fashion show. Looks like I might have a use for my roller skates after all.

Back of dress in Posh Pants

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Rollerskates, power pants and vintage trunks

Catch It While You Can
Yesterday was an interesting day in Falmouth's Charity Shops. Not only were there two new wedding dresses in Pants and Cornwall Animal Hospital - each with an option for a peach coloured bridesmaid's dress - but there was a pair of rollerskates in my size. These were the type I had dreamed about in my childhood with white leather shoes attached. I never even saw those in my size in the 1970s or 80s. Very Noel Streatfield. Well...maybe not.

You Never Know
A lady was overheard talking about a book she wanted to read - Wolf Hall - and a friend had seen two copies, in Barnardo's and Cornwall Animal Hospital, so she went to buy a copy. It's worth the ask.

Wonder Pants
If you have been inspired to write in a superhero character by recent dramas exported from America, then maybe these types of pants might be of interest, found in Falmouth's Barnardo's charity shop.

Summer is Hurtling Towards Us
As Spring Flowers have already sprung up in Cornwall, while parts of England lie under snow, it seems timely to remind those over 40 with brothers of the type of swimming trunks boys wore in the 70s. These might be all the rage at a beach near you soonish.

You Had Me In Stitches!
There was also a children's nurses uniform for a mini me character for a hospital drama (yes, I'm kidding), or a good old fashioned game of doctors and nurses. Is that still allowed?

As mentioned, there are new wedding dresses on the wedding dress page, plus a very elegant dress, which is on sale in Posh Pants in Falmouth (where I bought my roller skates).

Roller Disco anyone?